I’m in O magazine!

Wowee!!  My recipe for Belgian Endive, Radicchio and Orange Salad with Mint vinaigrette is in the November issue of Oprah magazine, Page 240.

It is part of a a Thanksgiving menu and i must say it looks elegant, they way the have styled it.

Speaking about Thanksgiving  I have ordered a heritage turkey from Heritage Foods and will cook it along side of our usual Kosher bird.  I always cook two birds for the holiday for a side by side comparison. That way all the people who want thighs and drumsticks are happy and we have lots of white meat for sandwiches.  Years ago I cooked a local heritage bird, a Bourbon Red, and it was tough as hell and the kids said Mom, fugheddaboutit. But I am trying again this year. This turkey is from a different farm. I hope it is great as I paid enough for it.

Anyway, if you are at the news stand pick up a copy of O  so you can have my recipe for your Thanksgiving table.

And thank you,Oprah !